At Paulsen Food we supply wholesalers, retailers, foodservice providers and processing companies with an extensive range of high-quality foods from around the world. Collaborating with us gives you the opportunity to leverage our global network of suppliers to source poultry, shrimps, seafood and vegetarian products of your choice. Our product range extends from raw proteins and manufactured products, to our bestselling Yakitori skewers and 100% vegetarian ready meals. Due to this diversity, you can get everything from one supplier, with just call one call.

Quality from around the world

As a certified Higher Level International Featured Standards (IFS) Broker, we assure you that wherever in the world our products are sourced they will meet international standards for food safety and quality. We frequently visit and inspect all of the farms and factories operated by our suppliers to ensure that this will always be the case. In addition, our IFS status provides you with a guarantee that we will always operate within international law and will deliver your products according to contractual specifications.

We offer safe and legal importing, quality control during
storage, and a professional delivery service.

Tailormade product solutions

In addition to our extensive existing product portfolio, we offer you the opportunity to work with us to develop customized products, tailor-made to your requirements. Decades of experiences in the industry has given us in-depth knowledge of the production capabilities of a comprehensive range of suppliers, meaning we will be able to quickly identify which of them can produce the product you’re looking for. We will also take care of legally importing the product, its subsequent storage and transport to your door. On request, we also offer co-branding services.

You can plan with us

We’ve been in the food industry for long enough to know what’s important. So, in addition to our reliable delivery service, upon request, we can provide just in time supply for any of our products. Also, as a certified Higher Level International Featured Standards (IFS) Broker, we ensure that all of our products comply with necessary health and safety guidelines, allowing you to rest assured that anything you order from Paulsen Food will be of the guaranteed quality. Our consistency will help to stabilize your manufacturing processes and increase the productivity of your entire enterprise. You can also outsource a number of production processes to us, allowing you to once again focus on the things which are really important to your business.


Quality assurance on site

At Paulsen Food, we regularly visit our supplier’s production facilities to ensure that all of their goods meet our quality standards and comply with international health and safety regulations. Over the years, these visits have given us a detailed understanding of production facilities and their various internal processes, enabling us to confidently determine which of our suppliers will best match your needs.